Jay Davies

Jay Davies is as big as Western Australia (his homeland). He is strong. He is powerful. He is big, tanned, dark. Yet, he surfs like a fleet-footed pixie. He tosses himself to the air, spins, and doesn’t come down. Or when he does, he comes down fins first and tweaked.

Jay is 23 (March 3, 1987). He has traveled the world based solely on his surf skills and he claims to have no other skills, “I don’t have any other skills,” besides drinking beer. “I like to drink beer but it doesn’t pay.” And he does like to drink beer. He likes to drink beer and party. He once led an entire dance club in a wild and sudden acapella version of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance (including dance moves). Women swooned. His party skills are notable. His surf skills are very notable. Very. Not only the aforementioned airs, but also he surfs with a power, and a flow that belies his youth. He is related to pin-up icon Marion Davies. 



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