Willian Cardoso

Willian Cardoso will be competing full time on The One-Tiered Tour next year. Pushing the world’s best and prodding them too. Hailing from south Brazil, this competitive powder keg has won major QS contests in front of major crowds. Like the Coca-Cola Saquarema Pro 2010.

Willian is a bloke, a madman. Some call him an Aussie-Brazillian, even though he has no Aussie in his genetics, because is loud, crazy, a madman. He is well-loved when he travels. Quick to smile. Quick to yell Oi Oi Oi (Though he cheers for Brazil in world football. Of course. Of course). He rides his squash tails 6’1”, 17 5/8”, 2 5/16”. He dances well and prepares fish in a salt, garlic, lime reduction.



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