1 Yr Ago the Moons aligned

1 Yr Ago the Moons aligned

Was almost a year ago when this crazy Cyclone swell hit the SW of WA, wow, hope it happens again this year. Jay Davies and Friends enjoyed last year,



I keep hearing this, and I want to have a carema with me at all times, really I do, but I find myself sadly limiting myself. When I do take a carema it's my K100D or K10D with a zoom because I want to have "the right tool" to catch the pictures I see. That is just too much carema to carry all the time. I would probably quadruple my list of favorite images if I would just pick up the Coolpix more often on the way out the door. Chase Jarvis' daily I-phone pics are proof enough to me that my biggest limitation isn't the carema, it's the determined will to see and to shoot.

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