Legendary Lee Ralph Reno State Fair warm up session, theres no such thing as holding back..




You could come to NYC for Singapore Day in April! They're flying in some of the best krwheas including my favorite char kway teow guy Hill Street Char Kway Teow!


Hey, just wanted to thank you for this post. I read it sedteryay morning at my desk, heard the magic word cendol' and determined to go see if they'd restocked.Yes, they had, but more exciting to me was *ice kachang*! They made me a huge serve of very good ice kachang and I went and spent my lunch break sitting under a tree eating ice kachang. How could a 40 degree Melbourne day be better spent?My fiance and I have been looking for a place that makes this treat in Melbourne ever since Ong's Food Court closed down. There's only one place we've known of that's done it and Wah Kee in Clayton is a long drive from Brunswick for an icy treat.I phoned my fiance and he and our friends went to escape the heat in this new find. They had the asam laksa and declared it the best they've had in Melbourne. Which is quite something Dan, my fiance, has eaten most of Melbourne's laksas :)Thanks so much for the find! I'm going back for lunch today!


Yet one more reason to love Char Kway Teow and Hoe Fun (sp?) I think the elrbopm is that all fast food is made on an industrial scale so they have to use allot of cheap ingredients and easy to use cooking process. This makes it cost effective and allows them to be massed produced quickly and easy, but making a healthy and balanced meal is a last consideration. As you pointed out this makes fast food high in not just energy but bad fats, salt, sugar etc and low in useful stuff like proteins, vitamins, good fats etc. This means the products tend to taste really good because your body doesn't usually have access to them in such large quantiles, it also makes them addictive as your body begins to adjust to such high levels of bad stuff, which it likes.Ironically the icon of unhealthy food, the hamburger can be quiet heath. Get yourself a wholemeal bun, a lean chicken / meat burger, grill it, a poached egg, bang on some tomato sauce and mustered and a big helping of salad and away you go. This approach makes it a bit more expensive and takes longer to make, hence it wouldn't really work as fast food and thats the source of the elrbopm, if it ain't cheap and fast, it ain't fast food (mind you subway does alright )I think Asian food is probably a bit healthier because the cooking style lends its self better to being used in a commercial sense. The cooking process is fast and you don't need the best ingredients to get a good, healthy meal. Plus theres no bread and cheese/cream in the bulk of Asian cooking, from what I know anyway which keeps fat and carbs down.Me I'll stick to subways and Kway Teows and use good ingredients and take some time to cook it right, btw thanks man, now I'm hungry

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