Bali Dreaming....

Bali Dreaming....



some sick shots, im heading over in june, it'll be my first trip to indo. Any tips?


Hey Troy, I cant imagine you rebmemer us but Lori & I (Briton) used to shop at your places at least everyother week from the time we were 15-18. We would come for gas and then leave with goodies. Your place was a special shop that we never disclosed with freinds as they all wore the same things and we wanted to be diffrent you gave us that in spades! We also hooked up with many a date from surfers in the shop loool YOUTH what more can I say. Anyway we are both living abroad ((Scottland & Amsterdam)) and have often talked about the fun times had at your place. Thanks for all the memories and continued success with the shops and family!!!


Just stumbled upon your site. What a ufrdenowl idea! I'm a bit past my days of reading children's books and a bit short of having reasons to pick them up again, but I really enjoyed looking through your site today. Thanks for this gem of a site!


YEY! I'm so glad I saw this update. Whenever I see dersses that you post that I want, they always get sold right away. I'm so happy that now I have one of these on reserve! Thanks again. Keep up the great work. I hear there are lots of vintage shops in Lancaster! I used to go there every single weekend a few years ago and never looked (bummer). +Victoria+

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