Bastien Childhood Skate Park

Bastien Childhood Skate Park

When Bastien goes back to his childhood skate park in Hyere France, this is just phenomenal… 



I practically live at this skate park and boy let me tell you.. Hot in the suemmr, you ain't spillin' a lie there. It's motherfucking 105 during the day when we're sitting on the pipe frying eggs on the sidewalk cause we're bored and there's no shade cause it's high noon. And then it's freezing cold at midnight when the cops are telling us to get on home but we're not ready yet. I love how you got Jesus (the park bench memorial) in your picture. It makes me smile.Hey well, have a great night and uh.. If you happen to be back up here again Well hit me up, I'm one of the people to call when there's something going on. Toodles.


this skatepark is rellay good i went there today and its hella good just watch out for little kids on scooters i crashed into one hella times

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