Bastien Salabanzi 4th In The Maloof Money Cup In NYC

Bastien Salabanzi 4th In The

For those who were still doubting, Bastien is truly back on the International skateboarding scene. Last week-end the Rusty Rider ended 4th of the very contested Maloof Money Cup behind Chris Cole, Paul Rodriguez and Torrey Pudwill. Bastien skated really well the whole contest, landing some amazing tricks as his classic cab double flip, Switch 270 frontside boardslide, Tre flip over the stairs, flip frontside boardslide on the rail, double flip back, big spin flip frontside boardslide on the low rail. It was the first contest in the US since years for Bastien and the whole event has been really encouraging for him. The feedback from all the international riders and commentators on his presence has been amazing, the public was supporting him till the end, screaming his name, pushing him to go bigger and bigger and that’s what he did.  2 weeks after the birth of his second kid Salabanzi is fully loaded and motivated for the rest of the season. The next stop will be the Dew tour and the Rusty Rider is ready to show that we still have to count on him for amazing performances….Congratulations Bastien!!!!


Bastien Wins 4th


Bastien Wins


 Check out the video of the contest on Report of the contest on fuel TV the 27th of June. 


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