Chopes Lay Play

Chopes Lay Play

There were fun little head high zippers rocketing around on the Teahupo’o reef this morning, a bit wobbly from a bad wind the day before, but cleaning up with a light trade.

But then, a little bit past 7am, came the Word into this playful lineup: Lay Day. And with that call, the 24 remaining competitors and the much shrunken retinue of broadcasters, photogs, judges and other event staff, and water patrol crew entered what they all vaguely dread but now cannot avoid: The Waiting Period.

Bar some crazy South Pacific miracle, there will now be no event for five days. What the HELL are people gonna do to pass the time? Surfing Life tracked down a few of the poor bastards to get their initial reactions and check out the psyche of the Five Day Lay Day....



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