Couple fun ones at Wedge

Couple fun ones at Wedge



Couple fun waves at Newport Wedge this arvo in Cali



1. When you eat out what is the main thing that you are looking for on the menu?? (can say more than one thing) first thhguot is 'is there anything 'legal' -- followed by 'I can excuse that' -- but I guess its what I am not looking for that most attention is paid to, two things -- fat and cream. Dont get me wrong - I would love to eat them - I looooooove cream - but I also know that they have an effect on more than the scales...guilt being the main problem.2. To make a glass of water more appealing i like to put a wedge of lemon or lime and a cranberry or a blueberry or blackberry! Makes it seem like a "grown up" drink :) What do you do to make your water more appetizing??....errrrrrrr is there anything -- pass!!3. If you eat cold cereal what one is your favorite?? A really fruit dense Meusli.4.What's for dinner?? honey and mustard basted pork loin with mash taters and broccoli5. What part of your body are you proudest of?? My hands.

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