Duvian incredible Indian Sum

Duvi an incredible Summer

    « the Indian Summer in France s what every surfer is waiting for: Sunny Days, less crowded, winter swell coming and sand banks getting better and better. It doesn’t happen every year but when it’s on Europe is the best place to be…. Duvi knows it and didn’t miss any of it. Right time right place for Vincent, check out the clip. To conclude his perfect Indian summer, Vincent clinched this weekend the French Champion of surfing title and drop few solid waves on an outer bank in Hossegor. Duvi is now getting ready for the Haleiwa 6 star prime event in Hawaii. Keep on Killing it Vincent, YEW!!!!!!”  



Video from duvi with love: Indian Summer

2011 French Championship of surfing:

Big Surfing Day in Hossegor:



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