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Farmer Deane




Really mate? As much as I am ahuge fan of pure BJJ, mma and other combat spotrs, I still believe it's important for people to learn a little about awareness, street smarts and self preservation and the best way is to simulate street scenarios and common attacks. Jiu jitsu has som great self defense techniques but is lacking in pre fight rituals, realist knife defensive tactics(in my opinion at least) and post conflict aftermath. And I agree with Clive that you dont have to become a paranoid killing machine always training for the worst case scenario, I do believe it's important to mixup your training every now so often and add an element of suprise or spend some time learning about fear, and the pre fight rituals of attackers.Now dont get me wrong I agree that I would happily hand over my wallet to a knife wielding attacker rather than try to be a hero any day of the week. But what happens if you wake up in the middle of the night with an armed criminal in your home intent on doing you and your family harm??? Having at least a good tactical awareness of the limitations of the knife and unarmed combat as well as a basic startegy for survival and eliminating the threat could save your (and those that you love) life! Surely that's worth taking a little time to learn about. Personally like anything, if I have to fight or deal with something I would rather have at least spent some serious time learning about, working with and becoming familiar with it before facing it for the first time! Look at Gracie Jiu jitsu and how effective it was in the initial UFC's when noone knew wht they were doing. I bet those guys wish they were exposed to and had trained some jiu jitsu before they fought! Even a little knowledge can go a long way as long as you are not overconfident and think you are untouchable. On any given day, ANYONE can be beat Including an armed attacker!As for my experience in more than 10 years of door work I do agree that getting the clinch and securing the Mata leon will solve most problems on a lower scale but hey it never hurts to keep an open mind! Kind RegardsFelipeP.S. I'm telling Liam that you're dissing his Krav Maga weapon disarms!

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