Feeling Single...

Feeling Single...




See that single fin that Matty Wilko's staring at, longingly? It's Josh Kerr's new sled, shaped by Rusty Preisendorfer. The reason Wilko's so interested, is because he's just ordered a similar design himself. Forget quads, 2011's all about the single rudder.

Today was a lay-day at the Rip Curl Pro, Bells Beach, so the boys pulled together a small crew and cruised down the coast a little, to surf a break that sits just off the side of the road. During the trip, there was very little talk of the contest, with most discussion being about board design. The whole crew had a go of Kerr's board – Wilko, Damo Hobgood, Rusty Victoria rep Finn Barry and a coupla others. According to photog Damea Dorsey, Finn was surfing the best out of anyone.



Cheers pal. I do appreicate the writing.


Amazing video it matches my thuhgots completely! I sent the following e-mail to my friends and family just last week (I will follow up by sending the video too):This is difficult to put into words, as I don't want to offend anyone but I have to get this off my chest. I would really like to recommend that we all push the pause' button on Christmas shopping this year. Our family is so blessed and we truly have abundance beyond measure. Instead of making a list of all the things we want for Christmas, let's make a list of what we know others need: Last night, I saw a program about working families that are struggling to buy food to feed their families. On the news this morning, our food bank director was begging for donations of peanut butter to feed hungry people in our community. There are coat drives at school for kids who don't have warm clothes the list goes on and on.Instead of letting our stress levels get out of control (pepper spraying strangers over a great price on black Friday really??), let's stop the insanity of shopping and instead, take time to enjoy the little pleasures of this season making cookies, napping by a fire, looking at the stars under a clear cold sky, taking in the smell of a pine tree. Instead of shopping, press the pause' button. What can you possibly buy for the people on your list that already have everything? More stuff' to pile on top of the stuff they already don't need? I don't think so. We have homes, clothes, heat, and food. Isn't it really a little crazy to go nuts once a year to buy stuff' for our loved ones (that they don't really NEED) to fulfill the goal of loading up on more stuff just because it is Christmas?? Christmas has become an arms race' of gift buying.I say that we should consider giving gifts that can bring real pleasure to those who have needs that we can't imagine. Instead of running around at midnight to get $25 off an item we could all buy for ourselves anyway, I say we bank that time and do something that brings us pleasure instead like eating cookies with family and friends! If you need a shopping fix this time of year, find a child in need and make a real Christmas wishes come true. It is so simple. Shop locally make a donation to a food bank, a heat-sharing program, buy blankets for a shelter, or a coat for a homeless person. I promise that there will be great joy on Christmas due to your gift-giving! Yes, Christmas is about giving. I am simply suggesting that we adjust the focus' of our giving to those whose burdens need lifting this Christmas.P.S. I promise I won't buy/send any surprises.' I mean this sincerely and hope that you will do the same. Please, please do not send me any gifts.

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