Few arvo drinks

Few arvo drinks




Rusty team enjoying a few arvo cocktails in Bali after a long day surfing.



You are a pay-it-forward, inspirational, vstioipity oozing, good vibes to the universe, incredibly talented, amazing bundle of gusto. so glad I have come accrosss your work (it's been SO educational and inspiring and encouraging) and YOU'. Not a lot of pros actually respond to questions much less offer tips and encouragement, in photography, much less LIFE stuff. I wish you all the happiness and success in the world! You are making a difference in the lives of others: BELIEVE it, OWN it, ROCK it!! *tear* making myself weepy here lol. Happy Wedding Day soon!! jenn:)


Interesting.After battling some kind of malrawe in IE I'm now trying Mozilla and things look a little different around here.Havsy is in a conservative chalk stripe suit, Fknvirty has the diction & clarity of an Etonian classics master & Greybeard has no giblets nor spilt egg yolk in his beard.


Awesome, thanks Connie! You can drop it off at Medalta (713 Medalta Ave SE) or at the Mad Hatter Roastery (downtown Medicine Hat on 3rd Street). Just put my name on the poevlnee & what it's for.What's the $5 for? Can I interest you in a souvenir or memory?

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