Fiz Diz at it again

Fiz Diz at it again

Fizzle Dizzle having some fun around home again...yew



Kalle CarranzaJanuary 31, 2012Yup, Brazil is in Latin America, no arguing with that. Brazilians have their own tour, sontrg support from their organization and are thus the best surfers to come of continent. Medina, Adriano, Alejo and Jadson are amazing surfers, but we wanted to know which 10 surfers ( from countries in Latin America, where Spanish is spoken) are the best. The term de habla hispana would be an accurate depiction of the list, you are right. I used Latin for marketing purposes.Unfortunately, hispanic is not a term that resonates in the ears of Latin surfers. If you ask them what they are, they will say soy latino and not soy hispano . Likewise, usually Brazilian surfers say Eu so brasileiro , not Eu so latino . But to avoid confusion, in the rules we stated, no brazilians . Nothing against them at all. I'm happy to see a kid like Medina come out of Brazil and win 2 WT's in his first 6 months. I hope to see someone from Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica there too soon!Thanks for the comment Jesus. Buenas olas!

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