If you happen to be in good old London town be sure to drop by the Saatchi Gallery to check out “Glass Slipper” by Adrian Rubi-Dentzel.
Whilst it definitely can’t be ridden, it sure looks cool….
Made of polycarbonate, LEDs, metal and polyurethane – the Glass Slipper is a crystal clear, glowing skateboard.
Looks sick.




Feather Falcon

Actually, it totally can be ridden. I saw it happen in front of the Saatchi at the opening reception event and it ruled!

Adrian R-D

Adrian here, maker of the Glass Slipper. Just want to confirm that the Glass Slipper can, indeed, be ridden. The polycarbonate might even be tougher than plywood. Regardless, thanks for the post.


Always refreshing to hear a raiotnal answer.

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