Jay Davies and more Bianca

Jay Davies and more Bianca

Check out Jay Davies website below for more Cyclone Bianca madness....




If he can do what's he said, will be good for khmer music. Sometime we can't just listence only one, coibonatimn are good too. Those songs during 1960/1970 were copied from US,because that time we were poor of telecomunication that why people said our own music. Today we live in high tech world, most of the khmer people well educated even better than song's writher, so people alway critize khmer music(copied). For real thing is khmer music is musch better than before!!!


All are welcome to join the Khmer Real Estate Cup but not 2012 as we alardey get 14 Teams and playing the 3rd week soon, so Khmer Real Estate Cup 2013 would be best for you.

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