Jo Haddon Ripper

Jo Haddon Ripper

Joey is fuckin bullshit. He surfs ten times better then half the fuckin guys out there, everyone who sees him surf loses their fuckin mind says Rusty photographer Bosko. I back him on his call watch this clip and you will back it as well.




It would be great if someone could pslaee help me out here,There is a girl in my college who I've taken an interest in for the past 5-6 months and describing on what I've seen so far, she seems to be extremely sweet, kindhearted, attractive, fairly shy, level-headed, down-to-earth and not easy to get (making her different from other girls). At the moment she is my friend's friend (different friend's group from mine) and because of this I've seen her at a couple of house parties. She is the girl that everyone seems to want, my friends and acquaintances seem to always follow her and use the make fun approach to try and attract her, but it never works and one of my friends even used the sob story approach and stalked her everywhere, but I could tell that just made her feel uncomfortable. On another note, I'm currently unaware about her past boyfriends/relationships or experiences.I have spoken to her a couple of times, but I'm too much of a nice and shy guy, who is way too introvert to get a proper conversation going or stand out in parties. In the house parties in where I see her, she seems to be the opposite of me in getting ridiculously drunk and being all over the place, but I don't want to attract her then because it feels like I will be taken advantage (which one of my friends done when I left to get a kiss, but I know he messed up because of what he done with a different girl before hand). Again on another note, she has called me nice a couple of times (in front of the other people who were using the make-fun approach though).She did say that she enjoyed a particular sport subject (the event is upcoming), which I have now also taken an interest in because of it. She has also added me on Facebook (where I've got a sport's professional as my profile picture and barely any friend's, only the people who add me), and a couple of times, she has liked my status and liked some of the replies I've gave her, but the problem is, I don't think I've spoken to her when in college.About me; I'm fairly attractive (7/8 out of 10) and I have a great sense of fashion which can make me stand out, but I believe girls always seem to wait for me to make the move and I am just the same with them (so I believe I sometimes can come across as oblivious and uninviting). I have taken a high interest in a certain sport and I play at quite a good level in it (I'm always looking to progress and I have a good future), I eat carefully and work out regularly so I know I will be more attractive when I reach my physical peak. Within the last few years, I currently stand out in my team from being a nobody, so I do have the determination to succeed (just to say, my team-mate is dating her best-friend). I have other hobbies and I'm planning to go to university. However I've never had a girlfriend and never tried to get a girl, so although I've had crushes, I will be extremely new to relationships and taken an interest in a girl. Girl's have fancied me in the past, but I've always just decided not to talk to them or lead them on (in fact there is a girl who likes me now, but I'm not attracted to her personality at all).Back to the one I like, I see her at certain times in the week at college because of our timetable's, but I'm not in any of her classes (just in the corridor when my class is next to her's) and I just don't know what to do, what to say, or anything (it's like I lose all of my brain power and personality traits just knowing she's there). I keep an eye on her from across the room at parties making sure no-one is purposely offending her or making her feel bad, but I seriously don't know how to talk to her.In summary will yous pslaee help an introverted personality, sport's determined to achieve guy with a good academic background who has plans for the future, to try and talk/attract and get an extremely sweet girl who he barely knows anything about other than she is kindhearted and not easy to get.My impulse tells me I need to show to her why I'm different from my friends and other guys who just try and chat to any attractive girl.Thank you for any replies

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