Josh Kerr Wins Boost Air Sho

Josh Kerr Wins Boost Air Sho

Bondi Beach, Sydney, 13 March 2010 – CHAMPION aerial surfer Josh Kerr wowed the

judges in the finals of the Boost Mobile SurfSho, at Bondi Beach today, taking out the top prize
and reaffirming his status as the world’s number one aerial surfer.

Kerr takes home $25,000 in prize money for winning the Boost SurfSho, which is the richest
prize purse aerial surfing event in the world.

The 26-year old, from Coolangatta on the Gold Coast, competed against the cream of
International surfing, beating world number two Jordy Smith; world number four Taj Burrow and
two-time event champion Owen Wright, during the three-day aerial surfing extravaganza.

When receiving his trophy on the Boost Mobile SurfSho podium, Kerr said: "I've had an
awesome time down at Bondi these past few days. My film premiere last night and now this title
along with $25k, it's as good as a weekend gets. Great location, great crowd, great day!

On the competition he added: "I thought Jack Freestone had the title there for a while but I
lucked out with that winning wave and in tough conditions did just enough to take the title.
These young kids are coming up through the ranks and all gunning for you so it challenges me
to keep things fresh and come up with new tricks. The win helps keep my name out there and
is a real confidence boost for the rest of the year."

Kerr surfed strongly in the final, with three strong waves. He won the event with a forehand
mute grab air reverse that scored him a 9.0 (out of a possible 10) from the judges who said it
was beautifully executed with great rotation. His closest competitor was Junior World Champion
Jack Freestone who scored an 8.0 for the same manoeuvre, followed by Julian Wilson with a
score of 7.23.



Lord Humongous

What board was Kerr riding. Was it one of Aido Wheelers glassed as a fibre flex? Looked very responsive.

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