Last week’s CT event in Tahiti at the infamous "end of the road' wave Teahupoo saw Josh Kerr not only spend more time in the tube than anyone else, but also scored himself a career best result on the WCT with a 3rd place finish. Kerr more well know for his flair above the lip, let his tube style do the talking in some of the heaviest barrels surfed in a WCT event.

Josh laid testament to his Rusty Preisendorfer shaped "Slayer" model board's performance throughout the event helping him excel to the finals.
Kelly Slater & Josh Kerr where the only two competitors to ride alternate crafts, crafts that where designed for hi-fi vanishing acts behind the curtain and tight radical turns, look at their results Slater won it and Kerr narrowly lost to Slater in the semi’s, nuff said. Kerr was riding a 6”0 & a 6”2 which you would consider being more suited to your local beach break. The "Slayer" proved itself in the ultimate testing ground of Teahupoo’s gnarly barrels.

Click here to watch Kerr talking about the Rusty Slayer model he rode at Teahupoo.




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