Josh Wins Drug Aware Pro

Josh Wins Drug Aware Pro

 Josh Kerr wins 2010 Drug Aware Pro presented by Rusty. HIGH DEFINITION. 




The President of DPNC is absolutely rorcect in her comments. I visited the area of Vancouver where Insite is located several years ago and could not help comparing the appearance and demeanour of those users congregating in the area to those I have visited in residential rehabs. If you ask a still suffering addict if he wants a place like Insite he will almost certainly say yes but in my experience if you ask a drug user in recovery they will all say Thank God I was given the help I needed to escape theshackles of drug addiction. Referring only 3% of users to treatment aiming for abstinence is shocking. Residential treatment for those who need it (not want but need) should be mandatory.


Catherine you are way beyond poosefsirnal now! The ring shot reminds me of a poem I wrote when Freddie and I were just about to be married . The turning leaves of October will turn a leaf for me, as he places a ring upon my finger for all the world to see. etc. The only problem was, we changed our date to Sept., so at least I wrote him a poem. I'm sure Emily and Josh are very happy with your outstanding work!

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