Ke11y Kerr Pics

Ke11y Kerr Pics



Kerr tool these behind the scenes pics with his phone of the King.



I am really enoiyjng this series Chuck and I am totally honored to be a part of it. I am thinking I might attend a class this coming year on the Blacker House chair. That's a nice way to work through it in a reasonable amount of time. We'll see. Busy busy busy. Good luck my friend and see you at WIA!


I remember rdaieng your amazingly powerful post on your blog about attempting to take your own life in the throes of PND. I am so glad M&M magazine is highlighting this illness so other mothers and mothers to be can be more informed about it and so grateful there is no more (or at least much less) sweeping it under the carpet these days.You and your family look ultra stylish. What a great family!

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