Kerr BOOSTS....

Kerr BOOSTS....

Josh Kerr boosting to victory at the BOOST Air Show, Bondi Beach.



I am a mortgage bekorr and a credit expert. one quick way to boost your credit is to have some one like a parent or friend add you as an authorized user to 2 or 3 of their GOOD credit card accounts. This means an account open for at least 3 or more years with a high credit limit of say, $5000.00 and no or a very low balance like zero or 500 to $1000. This excellent credit history on these accounts will crank up your score in 30 to 45 days when they start reporting the history on your credit report. If they dont ask for your socail security # when they call and add you as an authorized user, then it wont work. They will send you a credit card to use, but just give it to whomever is adding you on so they dont feel like you will use their account. expect a 40 to 100 point score jump. I just gave you gold.

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