Kerr Hawaiian Air

Kerr Hawaiian Air

Check this air Kerr pulled in his heat yesterday, he scored a 9 point something good for it but couldnt find another wave to get him thru but he's up for the best air in the trip crown.



This shows real epxeritse. Thanks for the answer.


Evryeone would benefit from reading this post


Feb11Elinor Espina I can't wait to see the whole spread. I'm sure you capretud a lot more beautiful images. Thank you for making my daughter's wedding special and unique. It was a very simple and laid back ceremony, yet you make it so perfect in your photos. You helped make this memorable moment alive not only to Hannah and CJ but also to their family and friends. It is such a blessing to witness my only daughter get married. I will cheerish this memory forever and beyond. God bless and more power to you.


Feb10Frank Thank you Joanna! You're pretty ilcerdibne yourself! Hannah: awwwwww thank you for having me and for being such an amazing couple. your day couldn't been more perfect. your stylish wedding inspired me throughout the day.

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