Kerr Qualifies

Kerr Qualifies

Josh Kerr just finished 4th place at the Sunset QS in Hawaii, Kerr smashed his way thru the quarters and semis today laying down some vintage "KONG" larry's. With a 4th place in the final QS event of the year see's Kerr qualifying for the CT in 2011, look out Snapper!!!!



me gustaria mucsihimo poder conocer mas de la marca ya que siempre fue mi suef1o llevar puestas sus prendas es un gran placer anotarme en sus campaf1as para lo que sea me encanta la ropa y los disef1os y el estylo unico que tiene rusty.


The ocean provides a hianelg and positive experience. So stoked to see it being shared with those who might not otherwise have an opportunity to experience it on their own. You have my commitment to help support your efforts. Good on ya!


The question isn't badly phsraed. It asks actual day, not birthday, and the answer uses a step-function approximate, so age and year clearly matters. It also doesn't care which day/month/year that those two people's day of birth collides, so even if they're more or less likely to have both been born on 08/15/1976 or any other day, it is lumped into the final number (0.0035%) as all days are taken into account.The birthday paradox is (IMO) mathematically a simpler question than the one dealt with here.

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