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Hi John,Ie2€™m sure there are quite a few people here in Denmark whoe2€™d cneoidsr joining Association of Enterprise Architects. If they knew a bit more about the organization. However, when browsing the a|EAe2€™s site, ite2€™s hard to tell what the member benefits are. I have previously cneoidsred joining myself, but choose not to, as it was unclear to me how I would benefit from a membership. Ie2€™d like to show up March 2nd. But how about some persuasion, and info on a|EA Cheers e2€“ and see youStig


I’m 24 and I recently moved to Homewood from Gadsden, the skate scene is edfinitely lacking in Gadsden and when i found out about the skatepark & Faith Skate Shop ran by Peter I was stoked! Peter’s an awesome guy who works hard and does as much as possible to keep the scene alive and progressive hopefully toward a permanent park. Being in the park after school edfinitely reduces stress and helping the younger kids (and receiving help) is awesome, its exactly what the city needs. A good attitude lending a helping hand!


Dude. I really aitpecrape that you are trying, but really, I have been skating for years,and now I am even confused. Just stop. Advertising your shop this way just makes you look like a douche, you aren't adding anything, you aren't even giving helpful information on how to do the tricks. Just stop.


This is a really ingellitent way to answer the question.

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