My First Shape pt.2

My First Shape pt.2

Jay Davies recently spent an afternoon in the shaping bay scrtaching out a board, this is the follow up clip of him riding that very board.



Creatives are only here to make ppt decks look better.Oh, damn, wait, I took the wrong side for a sec.Creatives have cooelr glasses and t-shirts?Six things, hmmm. These are more guidelines than anything and can apply to not just planners, but here are a few:1) Don't talk to us before 9:00 am, unless we've been up all night jamming on a deadline. In which case, don't talk to us.2) Always bring coffee or swag when you need something. A good word is always nice, but we tire of that and are not above bribes.3) When it's three hours before a presentation, don't then decide to tell us everything looks great, But there's one little thing, and oh, while you're fixing that, have a look at this, and can you make the background red... 4) We are actually starved for useful insights and demo info on the audience we're creating for. I think most creatives can't remember the last time they got a decent brief.5) Make creatives go Awesome with how brilliant the insights you have are. Seriously. Make us go Damn, why didn't I think of that? 6) Don't ask us to make the logo bigger. Ever.7)Don't ask to see another version with the copy on the left, just because I know the client will want to see it that way. 8) Involve creatives right at the onset of planning efforts, not as an after the fact. Lot of creatives actually know a little more than how to use Photoshop and Word.

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