Noa Deane hot 100

Noa Deane hot 100

Check out Noa Deane in Episode 5 of Surfling Lifes hot 100.



>>totalbastard: Garland should be naorwred to a pedestrian/bike trail.i'll 2 nd that.all those in favor?rrr!opposed?motion carries..until that day comes..if you're feeling spunky later, you can email your thoughts about the proposed garland widening to the state highway dept. but dont wait too long it's a 15 day comment period!bicycle coalition of the ozarks:Y O U R I N P U T S T I L L N E E D E DThe State Highway Dept is still taking input on their idea to widenGarland to five lanes with no bike lanes. They are calling an adjacent10-foot sidewalk a sidepath and intending for bicycles to stay off theroadway.This works well for cyclists who don't have places to go, and are willingto stop at the myriad of driveways and roadways that cross the sidewalk,drive over gravel and debris, and not be able to read the roadway signageunless when travelling against traffic.In other words, it doesn't work for the average cyclist who would like toactually go somewhere safely.WRITE A QUICK E-MAIL THIS WEEKalso see:The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials(not exactly a progressive think tank) which strongly cautions against this exact design. Note their warnings in The 1999 AASHTO Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities :page 20:In general, the designated use of sidewalks (as a signed shared facility)for bicycle travel is unsatisfactory. (See Undesirability of Sidewalks asShared Use Paths, page 58.) It is important to recognize that thedevelopment of extremely wide sidewalks does not necessarily add to thesafety of sidewalk bicycle travel, since wide sidewalks encourage higherspeed bicycle use and increase potential for conflicts with motor vehicles at intersections, as well as with pedestrians and fixed objects .page 58:Utilizing or providing a sidewalk as a shared use path is unsatisfactoryfor a variety of reasons. Sidewalks are typically designed for pedestrianspeeds and maneuverability and are not safe for higher speed bicycle use.Conflicts are common between pedestrians traveling at low speeds (exitingstores, parked cars, etc.) and bicyclists, as are conflicts with fixedobjects (e.g., parking meters, utility poles, sign posts, bus benches,trees, fire hydrants, mail boxes, etc.)

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