Noa Deane Indo clip

Noa Deane Indo clip

Check out the latest clip from Noa Deane from a recent trip to Indo



One of the funniest thngis I have ever heard. Got to about 3 minutes in and had to turn off because the rest of the office were looking at me crying with laughter . not sure how much Canto I leant but looking forward to getting back to it later ! Thank you for your never ending enthusiasm its a wonderful fuel.


Thanks and all for the couple of pnsoitgs, though this one's a little misleading. I was just forwarding the PR blurb from the Modern, sent to me by flutist Elizabeth McNutt. The timing of the two concerts is coincidental. Why Patterns? is a great piece and, running about thirty minutes, it's a lot less of a time commitment for those who might not have wanted to sit through a two hour modern classical work. Speaking of which, some day we'll have to talk about terminology, cause most of what Other Arts will be presenting won't be "classical" as such. But hey, hope to see y'all Saturday afternoon.

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