NY Mini Movie

NY Mini Movie

You got a spare 20 mins, watch this clip from the CT event in NY.




Hi, ib4m trying to make a achkintosh based on a notebook pc, but considering something for graphic design purposes so a netbook wonb4t fit my needs. Do you know if the process that you used works with a regular size one, ib4m considering Toshiba T13SP2910 (13.3 ) or L515-SP4908 (14 and reachs 8 Gb. ram). If you have any suggestions i will appreciate it, because there is not to much info about achkintosh notes. regars.


Yeah CDM! Throwin that Spork around like a champ! The Speed Square looks isnane! I have been riding the Matuse Alaia lately and loving the speed it gets. Might have to check out that radical rectangle! -Stanton

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