Offshore Fest

Offshore Fest



IDEAL OFFSHORE conditions and an excellent 1.5m ( 3 to 4 feet) swell saw the Rusty Gromfest 2011 called on today with rounds 1 and 2 of 16 Boys and round 1 of the 14 Boys to be completed. Perfect offshore winds all day along with incoming tides should see huge scores and futuristic surfing performances from these elite young surfers from all over Australia along with a strong international contingent. There'll be outstanding young surfers competing all day and some of the surfers certain to attract the attention of the many industry talent scouts who attend this event to look for tomorrows emerging stars include Eli Steele (Sunshine Coast), Jakson Baker (Newcastle), Kalani Ball (Sth Coast NSW), Shaun Manners (WA) and Joe Van Dijk (Phillip Island) - to name just a few! One that will attract huge attention is Italian youngster Leonardo Fioravanti who has a huge profile in Europe as an emerging youngster. The Italian will surf around 3pm in the final heat of the 14 Boy's round one. Today's huge program will conclude with the semi finals of the popular Kerrazy AirShow - where 12 of the best young aerialists compete and will be scored only on their aerial moves - The Kerrazy AirShow is named after Rusty's superb ASP World Tour surfer Josh Kerr who is widely regarded as the world's best aerial surfer. After today's Rusty Gromfest day 1, the event will have two days to run to completion and under the expert guidance of contest director Max Perrot, will choose the best two days between Sunday and Tuesday to run through to the finish!



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