Ozmosis x Rusty Surfboards

Ozmosis x Rusty Surfboards

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Bob Jane

wow that board with the fire on it is really good.


Hey Thomas,We would be able to print out your design on cloth and then lanmiate the art directly onto the foam and be sealed into the lamination.There are a couple of things you would have to do to get the best results. First you would need to use a high-resolution, mega-pixel camera to capture the image with proper lighting. Second, given the process of surfboard contruction, you would need for your art to bleed outside of the outline of your surfboard. Meaning your design is lanmiated onto the foam and then the excess is trimmed off to the silhouette of your surfboard. If your design is already trimmed, it is next to impossible to lanmiate it onto a shaped blank and have it come out looking perfect.So, one option to do in your case, would for us to resize your artwork slightly bigger (around 2″ should be fine) than what your actual board size and then you would have to live with the trimmed off excess of your art.Hope that helps.

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