Playground Chapter 4

Playground Chapter 4



This is crstyal clear. Thanks for taking the time!


Didn't know the forum rules alowled such brilliant posts.


kari - Hi, I love,love,love your son's shirt (with the suspenders and bow). Would you be able to tell me where I can buy it? tankhs much, Kari


From doctor’s orrdes I’ve had to minimise my salt seasoning,However I have driven passion for delectable food infused in EVERY season so I am NOW reasoning,A little salt seasoning will surely not harm,As I cook with love, I add a little salt seasoning to add extra charm!I’m drawn to all the sumptuous LaZuppa Soup!BUT there’s no need to add salt and pepper before I indulge and scoop!Salt and pepper squid is my favourite dish!Completely satisfying every craving wish!I just place flour, pepper and salt in a clean plastic bag. Add the squid rings, tie the bag and shake!My tastes buds pleasurably awake!After frying when still hot,Sprinkle extra salt and pepper to completely satisfy that special “SPOT”!!!!This dish complimented with extra cracked salt and pepper is my favourite without doubt,I much preferred this dish homemade then dining out!

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