Rusty P livin

Rusty P livin

Rusty Preisendorfer livin in the good 'ol days


canada goose

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patrice sabran

Hello, your surf board look grate and very original ! could you tell me what are its dimentions (long, large ....) thank you to help a French surfer best Patrice Sabran


The weather in Scotland is very unlbadicterpe, even in summer.So, you are going to have to consider your lighting very carefully, both for outdoor and indoor shots (unless you know the amount of lighting there will be in the inside locations).Scotland is beautiful so you will want to get as many shots of the country itself into the album as possible.I suggest e-mailing the British Consul and asking for all the brochures and info you can get on the part of Scotland you will be in. The colors of Scotland are muted, and the beauty of Scotland is not a lush one, but a minimalist one, the colors are muted, earthy colors. The farther north you get the more the sky comes in to play as far as color goes. A lot depends on the time of year the wedding is taking place,and the area of Scotland you will be in.I also suggest going to the library and asking the librarian to help you find all the picture books he/she can of Scotland, and of Scottish lochs (lakes), and castles. Get a feel for the country through pictures. Sounds like an exciting photography project.One last thing. You'll want a couple of days to scout locations for shots once you know where you'll be, and have gone over with the bride and groom what they want.Good luck.Maggie

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