Tasman from Gracetown W.A. shredding the mini, 



Cohen McCashney

What a little shredder... And he is hot


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I would agree with Barbara. This story is sweet. I think it is touching on soinhtmeg deep, but coming up short, at least from a Christian perspective. The Proverbs 31 wife is beyond value not because of her beauty but because of her willingness to fulfill the Godly role given her. See how many times her household being in order is mentioned. Not only that, but as any married couple knows, love will fizzle at some points, and if marriage depends on love it will fail. It is a covenant relationship. We covenant together when we marry and promise our devotion to each other, despite how much love we feel. Finally, as the story hints at, the true beauty is in Godly character. The story unfortunately doesn't call it that, but as Paul tells us true beauty is not in braided hair or gold jewelry, but in a holy and pure vessel obtained only through a relationship with Christ.

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