Welcome to San Clemente

Welcome to San Clemente




Take a frisbee, a net and volyalbell, a soccer ball and a Nerf football. Those will all start some fun and are relatively cheap.Buy a number of cheap digital or throw away cameras. Divide into teams. Make a list of silly things to do and award points for photos taken doing those things. (Bury someone in the sand. Tickle a life guard. Kiss a turtle and so on.) Plan a beach campfire and ask for scariest moment, proudest moment, biggest thrill, most foolish thing and so on. Buy a watermelon, grease it up and drop it in the water, divide into teams and award the melon to the team that gets the most of the melon to their towel on the beach. Cooking can always be fun. Some ideas: Pie iron pies (see below). Hot dogs cooked over the fire (have chili and buns ready). Banana boats are a good desert and everyone can cook their own (see below). Somores are always popular. I would assign each veteran player a meal to buy for, or a game to set up, and assign a rookie to assist. This spreads the costs and the responsibility. If you are assigning them, you can assign the most expensive to the people to afford it, and the most important/difficult to the people who are most reliable. It also allows the rookies to get to know the players.

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