YES is a snowboard company, owned partly by Rusty team rider, Romain De Marchi and JP Solberg and DCP. Having recently won the EURO SIMA’s “Breakthrough Brand Of The Year”, it seems the future is bright for this lot……
On a recent tour out to OZ, we sat down with Romain to get the lowdown……

How did it begin and who is involved?
It began about a year and half ago when my friend and I got let go from Burton because of the economic year. We couldn’t find a company that was matching what we we were looking for in sponsorship so we decided to start YES. The people are me, David Carrier Porcheron and JP Solberg.
What is your brand about and what sets you apart form the rest?
Our brand is the only true snowboarder owned and driven company out there and we are here to give back to the community of snowboarding and send a movement for the new generation – we recently launched YES TV and aim to use it as a platform to showcase the next generation of snowboarders – check it out at
What can we expect in the future from YES?
Fun stuff with out being too serious, some good partnerships with exclusive guests and some special snowboard model releases.
Who is your favourite person at Rusty?
Hmmmmmm when I came to Sydney recently I couldn’t decide who was the coolest because all you guys have the same state of mind as me – work hard play hard!

Be sure to check out the YES Tour later this month – see flyer for details.


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