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Brit gets Jackass'd.


2011 Red Bull Manny Mania

2011 Red Bull Manny Mania: Well under way

Created by our own Joey Brezinski in 2007, Red Bull Manny Mania is a global competion where skaters aged from 14 years + battle it out to win a spot in the Red Bull Manny Mania World Final.

The latest results are in http://www.redbull.com/cs/Satellite/en_INT/Red-Bull.com/001242807053096 keep checking back to see who is the next flatland king!!

joey brezinski

Street League Seattle

Street League Seattle Results:

2010 Street League winner Nyjah Huston hit pay dirt on the weekend taking the win at the http://streetleague.com/ ..also nailing the best trick award bagging US$165 thousand for the days work. Nailing the highest single score in the series history with a backside 270 nose bluntslide down big section rail. Australian Shane O'Neill came in second third place to Chaz Ortiz and Sheckler

Between Streetleage, the Berrics and Red Bulls Manny Mania our skate froth is on overdrive at the moment. 

Street League

No Where Fast on a Rainy Day


Joey Brezinski takes his new So Rad Hoody with Built in Machine Washable Headphones out for a skate in the rain. The hoody uses HB3 Technology with Built In Machine Washable Headphones. Other HB3 styles are now available as part of our Wired Series Range in Australia and New Zealand. http://shop.rusty.com/au/index.php/wired-series.html

Joey B Hide n' Seek tour

Joey B joins fellow skaters on an east coast skate tour......


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Joey Brezinski Painting

Cool Red Bull clip of Joey painting using his wheels.


Weeman decks

Weeman I just love the lill dude, he can just stand there and I wet my pants with laughter, check him talking about his limited decks. hes trying to be serious but how can you take the mad dog seriously.


Bones Doco

Seven individuals that have had an extreme influence on skateboarding sat down to discuss work on a documentary of their experience. They met at the Encounter restaurant in the middle of the airport to begin work on this monumental film.

Stacy wrote, “Those skaters known as the Bones Brigade are now old enough to take a look back. At a time in the 80′s when many people were mourning the second death of skateboarding, the Bones Brigade through passion, drive, creativity and a surprising sense of teamwork redefined the sport for their time and the future”.

Documentary filmmaker, Stacy Peralta in a new film with Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Rodney Mullen, Tommy Guerrero and others will investigate the history, the team and the men to determine what is the legacy of the Bones Brigade. “Five years ago the guys got together and told me they wanted to do this. They believed they had a significant story others would want to know about. So now we’re going to see.”

Simultaneously, a Powell-Peralta coffee table book is in the works. It will include the Bones Brigade, but also other things you knew and didn’t know about Powell-Peralta.

Iconic Skateboard Filmaker

Iconic skateboard filmmaker, Greg Hunt explains how the unique culture became an enormous creative catalyst in his life.


Bastien is Back

He's back and better then ever. Bastien is one of the smoothest skaters on the planet, his flow through transitions makes him one of the most style orientated cruisers.  



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