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River Of Dreams


One of my many fantasies I have is to surf in a river, these boys are having some fun. I presume the lid rider was invited as the token film guy, why else would you invite him? 

Beer Shakka

beer shakka

When you’re a pubeless grom you lay down on the sand and stare upwards to clouds finding shapes relevant to your knowledge of the world such as ducks, Bart Simpons head, killer pythons as you grow older you stop looking at the clouds dreaming of shapes and find yourself staring at the ground finding shapes in spilt beer, check this beer spilt shakka.


The Man Behind Stab

sam macintosh stab

This is a cool piece empire ave posted on Sam Macintosh the man behind Stab. I love Stab magazine, people get their knickers twisted with what they do, humbug to that I say, let it rip Stab I wana hear the dirt I wana see pics of whats going on behind the scenes. Sams an interesting cat and a cat that charges, lays rails and throws fins. 


On Fire

Theres a lot of terminology for describing how your mates where surfing, theres “man you where surfing like a crab”, “man you where tearing the bag”, “ man you where surfing like a nutty squirrel” but in reality did your mate look like a crab? Did you see him tearing a bag or was he being a nutty squirrel and the answer truthfully is NO but this guy from NZ is living up to the new catch phrase “Oh man you were on fire out there” 


Groms & Dogs

It’s become a tradition every year at the Rusty Gromfest that the Rusty staff involved with making Gromfest happen have a few late arvo beers with the oldies of groms in the contest........

Old Team

This guy was young but now he is old, he was on the team he was on the tour he was in surf mags and was in videos albeit vhs ones and now he’s a school teacher, you kiddin me a school teacher fuck me imagine a guy who can lay rail like a modern day Crammy is a school teacher. You could never step out of line in his class cause you know he did and still does surf better than you, the man the teacher Mr Luke Hitchings. Check this footage of Luke in the Mentawaiis from an old Waves mag VHS tape, I just hope his students Google his name and this pops up.

Surf Groms

Surf Groms

He's cute, he's in nappies he can hold a board under and for some reason I want to drop in and fade him onto the rocks, is that bad of me? 

Ello Rusty

Found this cocky in a pet store on the weekend, when I walked in he was on full rotation ELLO RUSTY ELLO RUSTY, soon as I pull out the iphone he shuts his beak, why!!!

Waited about ten minutes again trying every trick in the book to get him firing, he eventually coughed up one ELLO RUSTY.
When our receptionist is sic he’s going to do some temp work for us answering the phones, good luck being put thru. 

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