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Noa Deane threw together a few leftover clips from Hawaii last season, enjoj :)

Josh Kerr - Hawaii

Josh Kerr in Hawaii 2011 / 12

Hawaiian Diaries ep1

Check out episode 1 of the Rusty teams "Hawaiian Diaries", sorry for the abrupt ending, Damn Kona winds..????

GO JOSH!!!!!!

 Quiksiver  Pro is set to kick off Day 1 of waiting period...26th feb.

GO JOSH!!!!!!!

Jay Davies fin + rail

Double page spread from the latest issue of WAVES magazine featuring Jay Davies laying down some serious law at Rocky Rights just recently in Hawaii....

Xmas in the Sky

Check out Jay Davies and Chris Davidson talking show bags in the sky on Xmas day on their way back from Hawaii this season.


Jay Davies hawaiing....

Jay Davies flaring on a small day at backdoor last week...


Jay Bradshaw Davies

Jay Davies hits Rockpiles on his 9'6 for a couple.........


Rusty Team Aloha style #4

With a new swell hitting the north shore the last couple days, the team got busy and got to work......

Rusty Team Aloha style #3

Few fun waves around North Shore last couple days, stay tuned as a big swell predicted in coming days...........

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