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Jay Davies - Gold Coast

Jay Davies has been on the Gold Coast to compete in the Burleigh Breaka Pro. He’s also been freesurfing a lot, logging clips at Burleigh and D’bah. This is a short, compilation of those clips, Noa Deane slips in for two giant wind hucks, too.


Jay Davies - experiment

New Clip from Jay Davies @ home

A day a Lowers

Jay Davies cruised to lowers today, waves were fun but also crowded as usual.

Jay Davies "Desert Hunting"

Jay Davies headed North, really far North from his home town of Yallingyup. Below is a few pics of what he and hos mates got up too. Stay tuned for clip of all the action soon.


Days of our Lives - Jay D

Check out the few photo's of Jay Davies cruising around home the last few weeks



Triangles Clip


Jay Davies - What Youth

Check Jay Davies latest clip of Kai Nevilles new website WHAT YOUTH




Jay D scores spot X in Indo

Jay Davies did a stealth trip to Indo recently and scored a secret spot for 3 days, check his blog below for all the pics, clip coming soon.


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