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Stab is offering a $50,000 prize pack, if Josh Kerr wins the Fiji Pro at Cloudbreak Stab is offering the raddest holiday ever. Return business class airfares to Fiji from anywhere in the world, chopper transfers, 7 nights on Tavarua, boards, go pros for you and 3 bros. Head to Stab's Facebook, like the page & tag in the 3 bro's your taking

STAB fly me to the moon

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 Stab and Carlton Dry offer the newest piece from our Fly Me to the Moon joint, a 10(ish) part documentary about what the airspace above lips looks like in 2013. 

This episode is all about how the best airs no longer go down over sand. The technicality of this era’s progressive surfing requires something more skatepark, more mechanical. Enter: Reefs. Ask anyone in this episode and they’ll tell you, the best aerial surfing now happens over rock and coral.

Starring  Josh Kerr, Noa Deane, Carissa Moore, Jack Freestone, John John Florence, and Kai Neville.

Our Kind eat land sharks

Josh Kerr - Wine and Cheese

 Check out Josh Kerr's short and sweet French clip


Josh Kerr enjoying his time in Rio during the 2013 Billabong Pro.


Josh Kerr - Volcom Pipe Pro

Josh Kerr has made back to back finals at Pipeline in the space of a month. After finishing runner up to World Champion Joel Parkinson back in December at the Billabong Pipe Masters, Josh backed it up with a 3rd Place finish at the Volcom Pipe Pro last week. Here are his highlights.......

Kerr back to back Pipe final

Josh Kerr has reached another Pipe final at the Volcom Pipe Pro. Just over 1 month ago Josh was narrowly beaten by Joel Parkinson in the Billabong Pipe Masters final. Josh continued his amazing form at renown break over last few days during the 5* QS event.
Josh scored a perfect 10 pt ride during his 1/4 final and was narrowly beaten by John John Florence in the final, finishing 3rd behind John & Chris Ward.

Rusty #ourkind ep.5

Check out Josh Kerr's final day of competition in this years 2012 Pipe Masters, Josh battle his way to 2nd place with some amazing rides and heavy wipe outs. Josh even had a trip to the hospital during the day for an x-ray after a heavy wipe out during his rd 4 heat.

Kerr Single throwback

Josh Kerr in Surfing Magazine

My Style Surfing: Josh Kerr


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