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Single Life Staff Comp

Oh the single life, it’s a dammed if you do… dammed if you don’t scenario; to be single or not to be whatever option you choose the grass will always be greener on the other side. This year’s Rusty Winter 2012 Range launch kicked off with a Single Fin surf comp in the A.M, bringing it back to the dirty beaches. Teams were supplied with much hyped RUSTY Bali Single Model, and hi-fi surfing was going to get you the scores…trimming, soul arches and cheater fives were met with scores on the lower end of the scale, dropping the wallet and a waft of the fins scored you double shakkas all round. Rusty Staff and retailers made up teams in a tag team format with Star Surf taking out the title with some modern retro ripping!
The day flowed thru to a hectic night at beachside bar Ocean One, bar tabs where smashed, humans got weird and we all went home single, well some of us, yewwwwwww

Thanks too Wild Turkey American Honey, The Crew at Ocean One Bar and Surfing WA.


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