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Rusty Australia in Collaboration with RUSTY PREISENDORFER is stoked to release the limited edition “HAPPY SHOVEL”

Rusty himself has shaped 100 of these boards in his factory in California and shipped them across the Pacific.

Each board is

· Hand signed by Rusty Preisendorfer.

· Individually Number 1 to 100.

· Has a full resin wash in one of 3 colours. Yellow, Blue and Red.

· Has Rusty’s Original logo and Californian Factory Authentication logo.

 The HAPPY SHOVEL is the Ultimate fun board, it runs a double barrel concave into a wide bladed diamond tail which makes it lightning fast, it is also designed with shortboard performance rails so you can still get technical through your turns. We have finished all of these boards with the 5 fin set up to make them extra versatile.

As mentioned above, there is only 100 of these for the entire Country, this is your chance to get your hands on an Authentic Preisendorfer design direct from the USA.

To find our where your nearest stockist email rusty@rusty.com.au

If you want to win a Happy Shovel head to http://stabmag.com/stab-caddy-rustys-happy-shovel/

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