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A Chat With Peggsy

Sean Peggs recently returned from a trip of a lifetime. Wining the prestigious Rip Curl Raglan Pro, Peggsy got a wild card spot in the Rip Curl Padang cup. Not only did he get to surf one of the best waves in the world with a bunch of the best tube shooters in the world, he knocked out a few on his way to a semi final placing. We caught up with Peggsy for a quick chat back home in Tairua.

Peggsy, how are ya mate? Settled back into the real world after living the dream for a couple months?

I'm great thanks! Yeah it was a bit of a shock coming back to the N.Z winter after such an epic time in Indo. But yeah I had to give up the Nasis and get back to normal life.

It must have been a dream trip, Indo for 6 weeks and then the chance to Surf against some of the best surfers in the world, at one of the most prestigious tube riding competitions in the world. Tell us a little bit about your trip, what you did to prepare, how many night’s you got stuck in the Vortex etc…

Yeah I had the best time over there. I spent a lot of time staying out on the Bukit Peninsula just surfing heaps and hanging with some friends that came over. I actually hardly partied at all, I went into Kuta a couple of times and just wanted to bail straight away. I surfed Ulus a lot and did a couple trips out of Bali including a week at Lakey Peak. That was a sick trip and perfect training for Padang, especially on one morning when it was 8ft+. Then it came down to the contest, which was right at the end of my trip. It was such an epic event and it was sick surfing against those guys. We were trading barrels all day and there was a priority system so there was no hassling, every heat just felt like the best free surf ever. I couldn't stop smiling all day it was so fun!

It’s on when it’s on. When the call was of a decent swell and the possibility it was going to be “on”, how were you feeling?

Yeah there was no real sign of the comp running for ages so by the time that swell actually arrived I was just super amped. I had only free surfed out at Padang a couple of times so I wasn't that familiar with the wave but I just wanted to try and make some heats. I realised the only way to do that was to just go out there and pull into perfect barrels, which is pretty much a dream situation.

You took down some pretty big names on your way to the semis. It must have been an epic feeling being in the water with these guys, let alone beating them

Yeah a couple of the guys that I surfed against were at the top of the idol list when I was a grom. So yeah I was super stoked to beat a couple of them. But it was sick just being out there surfing perfect waves with those guys, they we're all really nice and no one was too cool to say hello or anything which I liked.

How was the vibe on the beach? Must have been pretty surreal heading out for your heats, getting interviewed for the webcast etc. That doesn’t happen much in Tairua aye?

Haha yeah the vibe was crazy down there. The beach was absolutely packed and most of the people down there were amazing looking girls so it was pretty hard to concentrate. It felt weird putting on a rashy and having hundreds of people looking at you as you walked down to catch the ski out the back. Usually there's like 20 people watching a N.Z surf contest and most of them are the competitors mums. I was stoked that they streamed the contest live and everyone back home got to watch it.

What boards were you riding?

I was riding a 5'11 x 18 1/2 x 2 1/4 Slayer in the contest and anytime the waves were pretty solid and barreling. The other board that I rode pretty much everyday was a 5'10 x 18 3/4 x 2 1/4 Kerrosover which is such a fun all round short board.

How was the after party? Bet those Bin Tangs tasted pretty good.

Yeah the after party was a classic night. I was staying with one of my buddies from home so we just got stuck into the Binnies after my Semi-Final. It was cool hanging on the beach watching the final and Rippy put on free beers for the competitors so I got my quota's worth and then just carried that form on to the party at Single Fin!

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