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The Local

The Local:

Unless you live at somewhere like Pipe, Snapper or Keramas your probably
like us and for 350 days of the year your local break is just ok. But
every now and then when all the elements align your local will turn on and
resemble a mini version of a Munduka, Trestles or somewhere similar . You
know the calls, "man it was like Snapper out there only reverse", "That
section was so like Chopes" haha. It doesn't happen that often, but when
it does you can get caught dreaming your somewhere else. Here's Vico Rat
Pack team rider Mark "Grubby' Hill at his local carpark throwing up a
pretty good impersonation of Snapper on day of the year so far...replace
the wettie and hood and with boards your anywhere you wanna be.


Let the games begin....

Today was fun at Snapper, lets hope "she" can produce some magic for the first event of the year beginning this Saturday.....?

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