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Noa Deane Aquatic


What's he do when he's not eating ice cream, reincarnating Kurt Cobain, drinking beer, cuddling his hot girl, or wandering around the globe with the world's best?  

What Youth have the answer and Hamish Humphrey's photos tell the tale. Click here to see the article

Noa Deane - Off Beat


There's something cooking besides Noa Deane in this episode of Off Beat. It was captured while filming for an all-new full-length film project in Indonesia. And we're going to leave it at that for now, but consider this your first glimpse on set.

Noa Deane has been on a heater. He's got clips. He's been on trips. Gotten magazine covers. Starred in a Fairly Normal. Stole the show during This is Us: France. Gets invited on trips with Reynolds. His R dot's have been doing amazing things all over the globe. And in our minds, no one is doing it better than Noa. Today we cornered him in a cooking Indonesian room and interrogated him in an all new episode of Off Beat.

Filmed and edited by Blake Myers

Watch the clip HERE

Noa Deane This is us: France

Our Kind Noa Deane featured in What Youth's - This is us: France. A film that described by What Youth as "This is a film that epitomizes why we do this. Why we surf. And travel. And live.

We went to France and we forgot to check the charts. But we went anyway. And contrary to forecasts, we found waves. And when we didn't find them, we didnt complain. We did other things. We skated. Went to Paris. Went to museums. Went to the city. Surfed the Wave Garden. And toured around Europe. It was easily another one of the best trips of our lives.

This film represents why being a surfer today is the greatest thing ever."

Click here to watch the clip

Jay Davies - What Youth

Check Jay Davies latest clip of Kai Nevilles new website WHAT YOUTH


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