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Kerr Bowling



Kerr just took down his round of 64 heat with 2 mad sunset bowl pits!!

North Shore Blues



Arvo Deck Shine



Family Holidays

Kerrzy Cuts

Lone wolf, 1 pack

Episode 2



Its small on the North Shore, Kerr tool out his single fin and punted around. Heres a few shots of his morning session.

Ran out of film but trust me he made it.

Single Fin waft

Kerr doing an ELKO

Looking the wrong way dude.

Single Flight

Rick Cane

Kerrzy havin some fun, this was a set today. Swell to pick up for a few days then drop off again, all good anyway we are in Hawaiiiiiiii, yew....

Hawaiian Diaries ep1

Check out episode 1 of the Rusty teams "Hawaiian Diaries", sorry for the abrupt ending, Damn Kona winds..????


Fun session went down at Rockys as the sun was going down, crowd was mellow but when the sun comes out its gona be a different story.

Call this one a stab full frame

Mega Wylie filming his bro Jay

Jay chucking tail

They dont call it Rockys for nuthin

Jay floatin da boat

Jay doin a real superman

Yep it is paradise


First day in Hawaii, we got in late yesterday and the surf and wind where out of control, its settled down today still windy but Rockys had some fun ones. Jay Davies put some on rail after his morning coffee.


The View when driving down into the North Shore.

Dole Pineapple plantation

Whos Coffee


Read This Bumper, all time..

Ronnie Burns bench

Great service here..

Aloha Rusty Team




Rusty team arrive on the North Shore, and welcomed with plenty of swell. Stay tuned.

Jay Davies & Taj Burrows

This is hands down the best clip I have seen in a long time, Taj Burrow took his mate Jay Davies on a Fijian holiday, surf was pumping and a Chopper was on location with Riley Blakeway capturing the footage, purely amazing!! Nice work Riley..


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