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Kerr in Tahiti supersesh

Josh Kerr in Surflines Tahiti Super Session



Ke11y Kerr Pics



Kerr tool these behind the scenes pics with his phone of the King.

Kerr sits 6th

With only 1 event remaining on the ASP World Tour calendar Josh Kerr currently sits comfortably in 6th spot on the ratings. With a solid performance at the Pipeline Masters (Dec 8th – 20th) could see Josh finish in the top 5. Not since CJ Hobgood won the World Title back in 2001 has Rusty had a team rider threatening the top 5.
Josh continued his great form he has carried throughout the year with another ¼ finals result in San Francisco this morning. Josh was narrowly defeated by Joel Parkinson, Josh posted a 9.5 early in the heat but couldn’t find a back up score for the remainder of the heat.


Jay Dizzle wabbit hunting

Jay Davies enjoying the fruits of home...

Kerr & Golden Gate




Kerr surfing under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran during the last few lay days.

No thrills for the cautious

Our friends over at thrills are taking a refreshing approach to marketing by hosting an industry demolition derby!



Rusty will be launching its campaign with an interstate roadtrip starting in helbourne & finishing in a blaze of glory in brisvegas on the 26th...look for our 1999 toyota camry limping through your town soon

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stay posted for trip updates



Our Lovechild Blogger and inspirational photographer Sylve` Colless has entered a few photos in a Ray Ban / Pedestrian Photography competition. We all love winning some love bi winning more, so can you help out an up an coming photographer and click on the below links and LIKE, that would be super. Most LIKES win, yew.




What an amazing human, congrats Kelly.... AMAZING!!!!!


Vincent Duvignac @ home

The Indian Summer in France às what every surfer is waiting for: Sunny Days, less crowded, winter swell coming and sand banks getting better and better.
It doesn’t happen every year but when it’s on Europe is the best place to be…. Duvi knows it and didn’t miss any of it. Right time right place for Vincent, check out the clip.

To conclude his perfect Indian summer, Vincent clinched this weekend the French Champion of surfing title and drop few solid waves on an outer bank in Hossegor.
Duvi is now getting ready for the Haleiwa 6 star prime event in Hawaii.

Keep on Killing it Vincent, YEW!!!!!

Luca Elder

The third instalment of the premier junior surfing series, marks half way in the search for the top grommets to compete at the International Teenage Rampage next January in Cronulla.
Conditions were challenging but contestable and the under 16 boys final came down to the dying seconds when Luca Elda (Bungan Beach) saved his best for last in a nail biting finish.
"The waves were very small, I was lucky when the waves came so I sat on the shallow bank and when the other boys got the first set I kept getting up on the inside just waiting", said Elder.
"They called 20 seconds and one last wave came, I paddled my heart out for it. I got a couple of hits on it, I had no idea if I won, Connor is won of my best mates and it didn't matter if I got first or second I was stoked for both of us", said Elder.

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