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Jay Davies - Gold Coast

Jay Davies has been on the Gold Coast to compete in the Burleigh Breaka Pro. He’s also been freesurfing a lot, logging clips at Burleigh and D’bah. This is a short, compilation of those clips, Noa Deane slips in for two giant wind hucks, too.


Josh Kerr - Volcom Pipe Pro

Josh Kerr has made back to back finals at Pipeline in the space of a month. After finishing runner up to World Champion Joel Parkinson back in December at the Billabong Pipe Masters, Josh backed it up with a 3rd Place finish at the Volcom Pipe Pro last week. Here are his highlights.......


Two days in one state, being the southern-most of Australia, and infinite kilometers, and excellent waves starring Noa Deane. Cut to Dirty Beaches’ Golden Desert Sun, by Shane Fletcher. Dislikers of back-to-back spins should find this to be digital splendour.


Rusty Australia in Collaboration with RUSTY PREISENDORFER is stoked to release the limited edition “HAPPY SHOVEL”

Rusty himself has shaped 100 of these boards in his factory in California and shipped them across the Pacific.

Each board is

· Hand signed by Rusty Preisendorfer.

· Individually Number 1 to 100.

· Has a full resin wash in one of 3 colours. Yellow, Blue and Red.

· Has Rusty’s Original logo and Californian Factory Authentication logo.

 The HAPPY SHOVEL is the Ultimate fun board, it runs a double barrel concave into a wide bladed diamond tail which makes it lightning fast, it is also designed with shortboard performance rails so you can still get technical through your turns. We have finished all of these boards with the 5 fin set up to make them extra versatile.

As mentioned above, there is only 100 of these for the entire Country, this is your chance to get your hands on an Authentic Preisendorfer design direct from the USA.

To find our where your nearest stockist email rusty@rusty.com.au

If you want to win a Happy Shovel head to http://stabmag.com/stab-caddy-rustys-happy-shovel/

Kerr back to back Pipe final

Josh Kerr has reached another Pipe final at the Volcom Pipe Pro. Just over 1 month ago Josh was narrowly beaten by Joel Parkinson in the Billabong Pipe Masters final. Josh continued his amazing form at renown break over last few days during the 5* QS event.
Josh scored a perfect 10 pt ride during his 1/4 final and was narrowly beaten by John John Florence in the final, finishing 3rd behind John & Chris Ward.





Take a glimpse into the competitive (and otherwise) mind of OUR KIND Josh Kerr.
 The Gold-Coaster turned Cali local and 2012 Pipe runner-up talks air shows (the good life!), skating (backyard ramps!), Indo (heaven!), boards (shorter, fatter!) and more..

Rusty #ourkind ep.5

Check out Josh Kerr's final day of competition in this years 2012 Pipe Masters, Josh battle his way to 2nd place with some amazing rides and heavy wipe outs. Josh even had a trip to the hospital during the day for an x-ray after a heavy wipe out during his rd 4 heat.

Noa Deane Indo clip

Check out the latest clip from Noa Deane from a recent trip to Indo


Rusty team rider Josh Kerr finished 2nd place behind newly crowned World Champion Joel Parkinson at the Billabong Pipeline Masters and capped off the year ranked 8th on the World Tour.

It wasn’t an easy day at the office for Josh as he feared the worst after the Banzai Pipeline spat, hissed and threw him onto the reef in round four. Alarm bells rang for Kerr when he felt pins and needles thru his neck and shoulders and tingling fingers followed by a loss of movement down the left side of his body. Kerr with injury still won the heat and before his next heat being the 1/4 finals he was rushed to hospital for X-rays to see if any serious damage had been done to his neck.

"It was so scary", Kerr said. "It was like my whole left side was paralysed. I had pins and needles, tingles every where, it was insane. They told me I needed to get to hospital immediately and have an X-ray to make sure my neck wasn’t fractured".

Kerr returned to the beach in time for his 1/4 final and progressed to the semi's where he would end Kelly Slaters 12th World Title hopes.

The final could of gone either way but the newly crowned world champion Joel Parkinson was on a roll winning both a world title and the Pipe Masters in one day.

Congratulations Kerrzy on your 2nd place at the Pipeline Masters and your 8th place on the World Tour for 2012.

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