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Kerrs Chopes Board

Kerrzy was Slaying Chopes on a Rusty Slayer model.

Ok, thank you Kelly for the inspiration. Start with a board designed as a next one up and take 4" off the front end/ The wide point is now 2" forward of center instead of 2" back. Add a touch of width to the center. Re-blend everything so the front end has a little fuller nose and relaxed rocker. It paddles well, makes the drop and fits because it is shorter. The back end of the board is mean for better waves.

Pulling the wide point forward gives you a rail line that feels a little longer yet offers you more control with less board up front. Lots of R&D last summer. Pros and bros slayin' dragons and draining dungeons in Mex, South Pacific, Bali and Indo.
It made me rethink my indo quiver, I will be adding one of these to the mix. 





Congrats Kerrzy for a semi place finished at Choped, you charged like a mad dog, dam that Slater.

Luca Surf Rat

Luca Surf Rat from Sydney, living big, surfing hard, dressing like boss when he goes to school polished shoes and all, keep rippin mad dog!!! 

Single Life Staff Comp

Oh the single life, it’s a dammed if you do… dammed if you don’t scenario; to be single or not to be whatever option you choose the grass will always be greener on the other side. This year’s Rusty Winter 2012 Range launch kicked off with a Single Fin surf comp in the A.M, bringing it back to the dirty beaches. Teams were supplied with much hyped RUSTY Bali Single Model, and hi-fi surfing was going to get you the scores…trimming, soul arches and cheater fives were met with scores on the lower end of the scale, dropping the wallet and a waft of the fins scored you double shakkas all round. Rusty Staff and retailers made up teams in a tag team format with Star Surf taking out the title with some modern retro ripping!
The day flowed thru to a hectic night at beachside bar Ocean One, bar tabs where smashed, humans got weird and we all went home single, well some of us, yewwwwwww

Thanks too Wild Turkey American Honey, The Crew at Ocean One Bar and Surfing WA.


Kerr charges into rd4

Josh Kerr charged today at the Billabong pro to win both his rd 2 & 3 heats, Josh was ridng his 6'2 SLAYER model in the 8-10ft surf.

Lay day



With a rising swell and winds still a bit funky, event organizers called another lay day, with good conditions forecasted for tomorrow, they are making a 6.30am call for a possible 7am start.

Teahupoo free surf sesh

Check out a free surf sesh of the worlds best surfers at Teahupoo the otehr day, Josh Kerr was a stand out.

The Local

The Local:

Unless you live at somewhere like Pipe, Snapper or Keramas your probably
like us and for 350 days of the year your local break is just ok. But
every now and then when all the elements align your local will turn on and
resemble a mini version of a Munduka, Trestles or somewhere similar . You
know the calls, "man it was like Snapper out there only reverse", "That
section was so like Chopes" haha. It doesn't happen that often, but when
it does you can get caught dreaming your somewhere else. Here's Vico Rat
Pack team rider Mark "Grubby' Hill at his local carpark throwing up a
pretty good impersonation of Snapper on day of the year so far...replace
the wettie and hood and with boards your anywhere you wanna be.


Davies Backside

Jay Davies wafting that backhand.'


Josh Kerr's Tahiti quiver

Check out Josh Kerr's Tahiti quiver, it consists of a range of 5'9 - 6'2 SLAYER models, a couple JOKERR models and a couple of 6'6 TRAVELER models for the big days. with a big swell coming it looks like they will all get a run.

Josh rode a 6'0 SLAYER shaped by Rusty P in his first heat.

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